6-Hour Enduro at High Plains

The Rocky Mountain Region Club Race at High Plains Raceway will host the inaugural multi-hour, multi-driver endurance race format for PCA Club Racing.  This will not be a typical club race, but one that takes up an entire day with one race and one group of race cars.

Current PCA Club Racing Enduro Protocol will be used for this 6-hour enduro which starts when the first car crosses the start/finish line after the green flag is displayed. Teams will be required to keep a log of drivers in the car (order and duration) that will be available to Scrutineers and Stewards.

This 6-hour endurance race will take place on Sunday, September 16th with a morning warm-up session and a qualifying session.  The 6-hour enduro will start as soon as Timing & Scoring can establish the starting grid.

This extended enduro race will not be a PCA Championship points race.  It will be operated under the guidance of the overall PCA Club Racing framework with respect to insurance and Enduro protocols (rules).  Rule changes have been adopted for what is practical and necessary for a multi-hour and multi-driver race.  Rule changes are summarized below.

Pit Stops

  • Each car must complete at least four (4) mandatory 5-minute pit stops during the race.
  • Any pit stop involving fueling must meet the 5-minute requirement (no “splash n go” pit stops).
  • Failure to satisfy the mandatory number of pit stops will incur a 5 lap penalty for each missed pit stop.
  • Shorted pit stops will be handled under the normal rules.
  • During fueling, regular PCA enduro protocol will be followed: three people max over the wall including the driver and all must be in fire protective gear
  • After fueling is complete and the gas cap is screwed back onto the fuel tank, a total of five people may be over the wall to work on the car.
  • Only one jack can be used over the wall at a time and only two wheels can be off the ground at any given time.
  • Factory style in-car jacks are allowed.
  • Minor work can be performed on a car in the hot pit, such as tire changes, brake pad changes, suspension adjustments, etc.
  • Battery powered tools will be allowed over the pit wall after fueling has been completed.
  • Teams will be required to keep a log of drivers in the car (order and duration) that will be available to Scrutineers and Stewards.

Super Enduro Group Classification

Cars will be classified under normal PCA class rules (except for tires), but grouped into larger “Super Enduro Groups” — labeled SE1 through SE6 — to compete against one another.  Cars in each group will be competing with other cars in that same group for position.  Podium positions will be based on the finishing position within each Super Enduro Group.

Cars originating from other race series,  such as NASA, WRL, etc., will be classed under PCA rules based on their modifications, as we would with any car, and then placed into the appropriate SE group.

If five or more cars in a particular PCA class register and participate for the Super Enduro, that class will be given its own SE grouping for the race.

Tires from any manufacturer will be allowed in all classes.

PCA Club Racing reserves the right to make minor changes and tweaks to the Super Enduro protocol.