From: Walt Fricke
PCA Club Racing Rules and Tech Coordinator

SP997 2018 Update 1/27/18

Allowing a proprietary flash which does not boost horsepower or torque, but which will improve stock PSM predictability and PDK reliability will be beneficial to the class. Additionally, continued testing has shown that spring rates should be reduced.

There are two SP997 Rule changes:

  1. Engine Rule 1.G is changed to read:

Computer Engine Management System. The ECU and the flash of the computer engine management system must remain stock, with two exceptions: It may be dealer re-flashed and the appropriate switch and factory Sport Plus software program may be installed to include sport plus mode in cars without the Sport Chrono (sport plus) option (software must be 2009‐2012 997.2 factory settings). And the Topp Racing SP997 ECU Flash v1.0 is allowed. No aftermarket chips are allowed.

  1. The spring rates in Suspension Rule 2.E are changed to read:

Front spring 500‐600, rear spring 600‐700.