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We are first and foremost a car club that went racing. Porsche Club of America Club Racing is highly competitive, but at the end of the race when the checkered flag is thrown, it’s really about the camaraderie and fun of racing shared among friends.

While it is amateur racing, it is true wheel-to-wheel racing and is therefore only for qualified drivers, just like the professionals. This distinguishes it from Autocross and Time Trial, in which you are racing against the clock, and from Driver’s ED (DE), which is not competitive in any way.

If you do not already have a racing license from a sanctioned body recognized by PCA, then the gateway to Club Racing is the DE and Time Trial program. The mission and purpose of these is to provide a safe, structured, and controlled teaching and learning environment on the big track. But when you are ready for club racing, club racing is ready for you!

Guiding Principles

PCA Club Racing was established around several guiding principles that can be summarized in three groups.

First, there should be a class for all Porsche sports cars, including both street and modified cars.

Second, the racing is to be fun, safe, and clean. This principle is embodied in the strict enforcement of the 13/13 Rule, which provides for immediate sanctions against any driver at fault in any incident involving car damage.

Third, the organization and operation of Club Races is to be uniform, so that any racer may attend any Club Race and know exactly what to expect. It doesn’t matter who you are. The rules apply to all racers.

How It Began

The Back Story of PCA Club Racing, by Tony Kelly, PCA Club Racer (Potomac Region).

There are 32 PCA Club Races being held this year at tracks around the country, making PCA one of the largest club race programs in the nation. That’s a well-known fact. What may be less well-known is that the origin of PCA Club Racing was within the Potomac region.

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Texas Two Step
May 27-28
UMC PCA Club Race
Jun 09-10
Clash at the Glen
June 17-19
GGR June Zoom
June 24-25

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