COVID-19 Protocols Updated for 2021

As the vaccines begin the rollout to all in the country, please be aware that even if you do get both doses of a vaccine and develop immunity, you still may be infectious to others for a short period of time. Therefore, it is still important to wear masks properly (over nose and mouth) when around others and maintain social distance. The masking requirements will still be in place during 2021 until further notice, as well as all the current COVID-19 recommendations listed below.

For those who will be getting either the 1st or 2nd vaccine dose prior to leaving for a race weekend, please be aware that significant side effects may occur over the following few days which could seriously impact your driving, creating risk for yourself and others racing around you. Please schedule your vaccinations and race weekends accordingly and be aware of the vaccine dose timing interval. 

The following COVID-19 procedures remain in place for 2021 to minimize exposure and the spread at Club Racing events and gatherings.

  • You are required to bring masks, sanitizer, and disinfectant supplies with you to the track for everyone in your group – drivers, support staff, family, etc. There are many sources for safety supplies, one that has been useful and has had a good supply is
  • Racers, Crew, Volunteers, PCA Staff, and anyone with them is required to wear masks at all times when in public and to practice safe social distancing. This includes anywhere inside the track facility. Drivers with helmets on/shield down are exempt from mask requirements.
  • Events must follow the state’s limits on allowable group numbers.
  • Anyone found not taking appropriate safety precautions will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

We will limit person-to-person meetings (i.e. drivers meetings, volunteer meetings, etc) to outdoor spaces and for as short a time as necessary. The use of voice amplification devices will be necessary for all to hear the announcer’s instructions. Text instructions will be used whenever possible to convey the necessary information.

  • All persons attending these meetings should wear masks (race helmets with face shields down are allowed) for the duration of the meeting and whenever groups gather.  Maintain 6-foot separation. Try to limit meetings to no more than 10 minutes.
  • No handshakes/hugs among attendees.
  • If meals are provided, adhere to the state’s recommendations regarding restaurants, take out, etc directions. Only disposable utensils should be used.
  • Ensure the track will provide frequent cleaning and sanitization of all public restroom facilities.

Participation is at your own risk: Attendees with higher risk factors for COVID-19 infection must evaluate their own risk regarding participation at any race event.  If an attendee develops a fever, cough, or other symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, prior to, en-route to, or at the event, the attendee should refrain from coming/participating at a race event and seek medical attention. If you are exposed, there is also a risk of spreading COVID-19 to your friends/family/co-workers when you return home.

Important:  Please check with their country, province, state, county regarding reentry and quarantine recommendations prior to leaving for the race event.

Stay safe, be well, and race hard.

PCA Club Racing Medical Committee

Updated 12/30/2020