Recommendations for Regions holding Club Racing Events during COVID19

PCA Racing Medical Committee Post COVID19 Shutdown Planning May 3, 2020

To:  All event chairs, stewards, officials, volunteers, racers, and support staff.

The COVID19 Viral Pandemic has resulted in national and international cancellations and postponement of sporting events. It is anticipated that states will begin to allow gatherings over the next few months, and with that, we may have the ability to return to racing. While the spread of the virus has slowed, the following recommendations should be followed to minimize exposure and spread at all Club Racing events and gatherings.

Participation is at your own risk.  Attendees with higher risk factors for COVID19 infection must evaluate their own risk regarding participation at any race event.  If the attendee develops a fever, cough, or other symptoms of possible COVID19 infection, prior to, at or en route to the event, attendee should refrain from coming/participating at race event and seek medical attention.

It is recommended that the following be observed at all Club Racing events:

  • Limit person to person meetings (i.e. drivers meetings, volunteer meetings, etc) to outdoor spaces and for as short a time as necessary. Follow the state’s laws on allowable group size and limit meetings to no more than 10 minutes. Text instructions should be used whenever possible for most of the information needed. Follow the state recommendations where the event is being held. The use of voice amplification devices will be necessary for all to hear the announcer’s instructions.
  • All persons attending these meetings should wear masks (balaclavas covering nose and mouth, or race helmets with face shields down are allowed) for the duration of the meeting and whenever groups gather. Remember that masks are for the protection of the person next to you. Maintain 6-foot separation.
  • Avoid physical contacts such as handshakes and hugs.
  • Sufficient hand sanitizers should be provided and appropriately available at the time of any meetings for anyone to use.
  • If meals are provided, adhere to the state’s recommendations regarding restaurants, take out, etc.  Only disposable utensils should be used.
  • Ensure the track will provide frequent cleaning and sanitization of all public restroom facilities.

Remember, it is to everyone’s benefit, as well as responsibility, to limit the spread of the contagion.  Because a race is allowed to occur in the state does not mean the risk of contracting the virus and/or spreading it to your friends/family/co-workers when you arrive back home, is over.

Lastly, please advise having attendees check with their country, province, state, and county regarding reentry and quarantine recommendations prior to leaving for the race event.

Stay safe, be well, and race hard.

PCA Club Racing Medical Committee