Updated PCA COVID Protocols – 2023

After 2 years, COVID is still present and like the flu, different variants of the disease are still circulating. Our recommendations are to be sure you, your family, and your crew are fully vaccinated (2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines followed by boosters) and be prepared to wear masks if necessary.

Porsche Club Racing will follow current CDC recommendations for racing events as well as respect each race location’s protocols to keep all safe and minimize the spread of infections.  (CDC recommendations can be found here.)

Be aware that each state, county, city, and race track may also have their own requirements, which may not be the most current regardless of CDC recommendations. Therefore, bringing masks, sanitization equipment, and proof of vaccination if vaccinated, to each race venue is recommended.  Please follow any individual track requirements at the time of the event.

Please be respectful of those who may not be vaccinated and are at risk for COVID infection in all personal interactions.

Participation is at your own risk: Attendees with higher risk factors for COVID-19 infection must evaluate their own risk regarding participation at any race event. If an attendee develops a fever, cough, or other symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, before, en route to, or at the event, the attendee should refrain from coming/participating at a race event and seek medical attention. If you are exposed, there is also a risk of spreading COVID-19 to your friends/family/co-workers when you return home.  See the CDC recommendations for exposure and testing here.

Important: Please check with your country, province, state, or county regarding reentry and quarantine and testing recommendations before leaving for the race event.  Be aware of TSA, airlines, and common carrier rules and restrictions.

Race safe and hard!!

PCA Club Racing Medical Committee

Updated 12/05/2022