1. Chassis, Body and Interior
    1. Any Porsche 911 chassis up to 1989 is allowed except for turbo or turbo-look body shell.
    2. Bolt-on fiberglass and composite replacements of front and rear bumpers, rear deck lids/tails, front fenders, and front hood are allowed. Bonded or glued fiberglass or composite sunroof “plugs” and fender flares are allowed. Fiberglass or composite rear fender flares may include most of the rear fender as long as steel remains around the perimeter of the fender. Substitution of other parts is not allowed. Fender flare configuration is free.
    3. Cars must have a windshield, a rear window and rear quarter windows. Cabriolet bodies must have a stock size windscreen and no other windows are required. Materials may be original equipment or equivalent glass, polycarbonate, or other break-resistant plastic.
    4. Rear wing choices include: ducktail, 911 whale tail, 930, IROC, large IROC, 911 3.6 RS wing, 3.8 RSR short wing. Wicker bills up to 1″ can be added to the ducktail, 911 whale tail, 930, IROC and large IROC tails.
    5. Any front air dam may be used as long as it does not extend forward of the stock front bumper (excluding bumperettes).
    6. Interior modifications are free.
    7. Electrical system and instrumentation is free.
    8. External lights, including brake lights, are free, but at least two brake lights must be in the stock fender locations and at least as visible as stock lights.