Mid America Series

Competitive Racing in the Midwest!

is What is the Mid America Series?

The goal of this championship series is to increase attendance at these mostly Central Time Zone regional PCA club races. The Mid America Championship Series will follow the PCA national championship rules with adjustments to include these specific venues, travel points, and the minimum number of races needed to accumulate points. All PCA club racers are eligible and can earn points toward a Mid&ngsp;America Championship podium.

Want to know more?  Contact series coordinator, David Hodges at dmhodges911@gmail.com.

Where Do We Race?

Races are held at the following Club Race events:

  • Heartland Park – Topeka, Kansas
  • NOLA Motorsports Park – Avondale, Louisiana
  • Motorsport Park Hastings – Hastings, Nebraska
  • Eagles Canyon Raceway – Decatur, Texas
  • Brainerd International Raceway – Brainerd, Minnesota
  • High Plains Raceway – Byers, Colorado

How Are Points Awarded?

The series will follow the PCA National Championship rules with the following adjustments.

A minimum of two (2) race events with five (5) club race starts and finishes are required to qualify for a Mid America Championship podium.

The series will visit Eagles Canyon two times in the season.  Once in the spring and again in the fall.  (Tentatively set to be in May and October.)  The two-event minimum cannot be only at Eagles Canyon Raceway.

Instead of Event Points, the series is substituting Travel Points measured by distance traveled:

  • 5 points for >500 miles
  • 10 points for >700 miles
  • 15 points for >1000 miles

The PCA Club Racing National Committee will track and validate the distance metric.

Travel Points are earned per event.  Racers must start and finish at least one race per event.  To qualify as starting, the racer must have passed the starter stand on the track after the green flag has been displayed to start the race.  A late start after the field has started will count as a start if the racer passes the starter stand on the track.

To qualify as finishing, the racer must be running on the track when the winner crosses the finish line and subsequently crosses the finish line timing loop on-track or in the hot pit if it is possible at that track.  There will be a maximum of 30 points available each year in this category.

Season Championship

The series is planning to host an annual regional seasonal awards presentation at one of the Mid America Championship Series club race events.  In addition to the championship podium winners, there will be recognition of attendance at the Mid America Series events.

A Mid America Championship is sponsored by Hankook Competition