Porsche Motorsports North America (PMNA) President and CEO, Dr. Daniel Armbruster announced at the Porsche Parade 2018 that PMNA would produce a very limited run, special PCA edition GT3 Cup car to honor the history of PCA and PCA Club Racing. These brochures provide the specifications of the car, available in only two color schemes, blue and white, as well as the pricing and the point of contact at PMNA to purchase one.

How “limited” is this “limited edition” you ask, we do not know, but we have been told “around 10” by PMNA.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these race cars, contact Meagan Sabato at PMNA, meagan.sabato@porschemotorsport.com, her information is also in the brochure. The Club Racing Rules Committee is evaluating the stats to confirm how this car will be classed for racing, more to follow.