PCA Club Racing @ Rennsport Reunion 7

Sholar Friedman Cup

Rennsport Reunion 7 will coincide with the 75th Anniversary of Porsche as a car company and the 60th Anniversary of the debut of the Porsche 911. This will be an extra special event for both Porsche fans and enthusiasts of all ages.  Read more information about why Rennsport Reunion is so important to the motoring world here.

PCA Club Racing will have one (1) Run Group, the Sholar Friedman Cup, of 40 cars as part of Rennsport Reunion 7 which will be run under PCA Club Racing Rules.

Registration for the PCA Club Racing Run Group at Rennsport Reunion 7 is open through February 12th.  (Registration officially closes at 11:59 PM CST on the 12th.)


Please carefully read the Rennsport Reunion 7 Sholar Friedman Cup PCA Club Racing Run Group Event Description found on ClubRegistration.net  as the registration and acceptance procedures are specific to this event.

The $1,500.00 registration fee includes:

  • Paddock space (size and restrictions are TBD)
  • Driver Pit Pass
  • 4 Pit Crew Passes

NOTE: All registrations received during the open registration period will be reviewed and considered for acceptance, the registration timestamp will NOT be relevant when reviewing registrations, and no payment can be made when you register. No requests to register received after the open registration period closes will be considered. Registrations that are blank, missing car or class, or car number selection will be considered incomplete and will NOT be honored. All registrations received during the open registration period will be reviewed and marked as Wait Listed.

The $1500.00 registration fee payment is NOT required to register.

Acceptance as a registrant will be based on the following:

Car performance (as determined by the PCA Club Racing Committee) – For a car to be considered for acceptance it must be registered. It is not possible at this time to answer questions regarding car acceptability but to be considered for acceptance you must register in the car that you wish to race in the Rennsport Reunion VII PCA Club Racing Run Group. A change of the registered car or changes to the registered car information may be made during the open registration period. Any request for a change of the registered car or changes to the registered car information needed after the close of the open registration period should be sent ASAP to the Event Registrar, Susan Shire. After acceptance in the Rennsport Reunion 7 PCA Club Racing Run Group, a request to change the registered car or the registered car information must be submitted to the Event Chair, Dave Rodenroth, for consideration. Note: Continued acceptability is not guaranteed and may result in Wait List status.

The final run group will be based on similarly paced cars. Our selection process will include 40 cars which fall within a determined performance index.

Driver eligibility – Questions regarding driver eligibility and license status not answered by the following information should be directed to Susan Shire.  (Contact information is below.)

    1. For a driver to be considered for acceptance he/she must be registered.
    2. Drivers must be a current PCA member.
    3. Drivers must have a 2023 PCA Club Racing License.
    4. Drivers must have current medical paperwork on-file.
    5. Drivers must have participated as the PRIMARY driver in a PCA Club Race, sprint, or enduro, between February 2020 and February 2023.

NOTE: A registration may NOT be shared by multiple drivers or transferred to anyone else.

The Event Schedule, when available, will be posted on ClubRegistration.net

PCA Club Racing Event Chair: Dave Rodenroth, 904.571.0930
PCA Club Racing Event Registrar: Susan Shire, 847.272.7764