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Results from prior Club Races are available in the archives.

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GGR Duel n the Desert

May 18-19, 2019

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3

Porsche’s in the Heartland

Apr 27-28, 2019

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3

Carrera of the Americas

Mar 29-31, 2019 *Updated 05/13/19*

California Festival of Speed

Mar 29-31, 2019

GGR Spring Classic

Mar 23-24, 2019

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3

NOLA Cup 2019

Feb 22-24, 2019

Sprint 1*
Sprint 2

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Clash at the Glen
May 31 - Jun 02
Carrera GT at MPH
June 01-02
Rumble at the Oak Tree
June 21-23

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