PCA Club Racing Rules


2024 Rule Changes for Comment

Racers are invited to send comment on 2024 rules change proposals through August 15th. Rule changes have been submitted by drivers and other interested parties and the Rules Committee would like to receive comment.

COVID Protocols Update – 2023

After 2 years, COVID is still present and like the flu, different variants of the disease are still circulating. Our recommendations are to be sure you, your family, and your crew are fully vaccinated (2 doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines followed by boosters) and be prepared to wear masks if necessary.

Be sure to review all current COVID requirements by clicking the button below.

Announcing ME1 Spec Class for 2.7L Boxster & Cayman Models

The Rules Committe has posted draft rules for comment on a new spec class called ME1 (Mid-Engine 1).  You can review them using the button below.

The driving force behind the ME1 is to create a class for the more than 43,000 2.7 liter mid-engine cars which Porsche sold in North America from 2000 to 2008.  These are the less expensive base Boxster and Cayman models.

Conceptually, the rules for ME1 are much like the SPB and SPC in terms of the changes from stock that are allowed.  In creating this new class there is an emphasis on potenial number of cars, cost containment, build similarity to SBP, and improved handling and power so that ME1 slots in between SPB and SPC.

While the usual rules cycle wouldn’t have this out before summer, for a potentially large class made up mostly of street cars to be converte into race cars and letter-class cars tha might want to switch, the more lead time the better.  The draft rules will be available for comment ending on March 1st.

Club Racing Rule Book

The 2023 Rule Book has been published.  Grab a PDF copy using the button.

Don’t forget to have a look at what changed this year and the rule updates that take effect as of July 14th!

Temporary SPC Rule Change – Tires

Due to supply issues with the Hankook Z214 spec dry tires, Hoosier DOT R7s of the same width/sidewall specifications (245/35R18 front and 275/35R18 rear) are allowed as an alternate tire in SPC until January 1, 2024.


New SP996 Tire Rule

Effective Immediately

Tires and Wheels

The spec tire is the Hankook C51 medium compound Z214, 245/35ZR18 front, and 275/35ZR18 rear.  BFG R1 and Hoosiers are grandfathered for 2022 to use up any remaining stock.  Allowed as rain tires: Hoosier Sports Car D.O.T. Radial Wet (H2O) P245/40R18 front, P275/35R18 rear or Hankook Wet Tire Z207 18″ 240/640R18 front, 18″ 260/660R18 rear.

Hankook Racing Tires are available from Hankook Motorsports at www.hankookmotorsports.com

Or email: info@hankookmotorsports.com 

Use the button for direct contact the Rules Committee with your questions and issues.

National Championship

PCA Club Racing Points, Protocols, & Regulations

Enduro Protocols

944 Series

The purpose of the 944 Series is to provide a budget-minded race series for the front engine Porsche while at the same time offering several options for car preparation and performance. There are three 944 classes:  SP1, SP2, and SP3.

The series runs the full PCA Club Racing schedule is divided into East and West regions with a year-end overall championship event. 

Additional information about the series can be found on the 944 Series page. 

Vintage Racing

At selected Club Races there may be a Vintage Run Group for eligible cars.  Drivers must have a PCA Competition License obtained under the normal Club Racing rules.  Cars must have, or acquire at their first event, a regular PCA logbook, which must include the two annual compliance forms.  All the applicable safety rules for driver and car equipment apply.  All the rules for on-track conduct, including the 13/13 rule, apply.

All 1998 or older air-cooled models of 356, 911, 912, 930, 964, and 993 Porsches are eligible.  Classes are based on actual displacements.

Additional details can be found on the Vintage Racing page. 

911 Cup Series

The 911 Cup Series shadows all PCA Club Races.  The series is open to any Stock D, E, and F classed vehicles.  To enter you must declare 911CUP as your class and display the 911CUP windscreen banner and any contingency sponsor decals.

Check out the 911CUP Series page for additional requirements and details.