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2020 Rules Proposals for Comment

Racers are invited to send comment on 2020 rule proposals through August 18th. Rule changes have been submitted by drivers and other interested parties and the Rules Committee would like to receive comment.

Club Racing Rule Book

Make sure you check out all the general sections as well as those that apply to your specific class.  Changes made to the Rule Book will be added in a separate Addendum found at the link below. Last update to the Addendum will be noted.

2019 Rule Book

2019 February Interim Rules Changes

Walt Fricke, PCA Club Racing Rules and Tech, announces 2019 changes to the published rules.
Click here to review these changes, effective as of February 15th.

Effective April 2019

1984 – 1989 911s are eligible to join our ’83 and older Air-Cooled cars in the 2019 Vintage Racing Series. (Exception: ’89 964s are not included in this eligibility rules change and are not eligible for Vintage Group.)

Aluminum Shock Tower Rule Allowance

Effective June 7th

Starting with the 981 and 991 models, Porsche has used a cast aluminum front shock tower. Excessive loading of the front suspension can cause the aluminum to fracture. These and subsequent models with the aluminum front shock towers in a Stock or Improved class may make the following modification: Install the Porsche front strut plate reinforcements right 991-504-284-8A and left 981-504-283-8A, or an aftermarket equivalent such as the SP Motorsports strut tower support bracket kit, together with such fasteners and spacers as needed. These plates bolt onto the top of the shock tower and connect to the shock tower in two additional places

Use the button for direct contact the Rules Committee with your questions and issues.

Ruian Dragon & Duian Dongjinlong  recall of driver restraints sold under the “TANAKA” brand.

Arm restraints equipped with snap-clasp tethers and manufactured by RJS have been found to be non-compliant.

PCA Club Racing Points, Protocols, & Regulations

National Championship

Enduro Protocols

Building & Racing the Spec Cayman

A how-to article on building a fantastic race car.

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944 Cup Series

The purpose of the 944 Cup is to provide a budget-minded race series for the front engine Porsche while at the same time offering several options for car preparation and performance. There are three 944 Cup classes:  SP1, SP2, and SP3.

The SP1 class is designed to allow the minimum modifications to the stock configuration of the 944 and 924S model equipped with a 2.5L motor.

The SP2 class is designed for all normally aspirated eight (8) valve front engine Porsches, with the exception of also including the turbo powered 2.0L model (931), and provide for modifications to the suspension and body beyond that permitted by SP1.

The SP3 class is designed primarily for higher horsepower cars such as the sixteen (16) valve normally aspirated and turbo equipped front engine Porsches.

For each Class, allowed modifications for each category of car and corresponding minimum weights are described in detail in the PCA Rule Book. The 944 Cup rules also allow for the inclusion of PCA class B, C, E, and F front engine Porsches.  In addition, all SCCA ITS 944’s and NASA 944 Specs cars are also eligible to compete in the Series along with many NASA GTS1 and GTS2 cars.

More Information about the 944 Cup Series

Vintage Racing

PCA Vintage Group Club Racing is open to 1989 and older AIR COOLED Porsches. PCA Club Racing Rules will be enforced for Safety. Note that the rules now require full cages not just roll bars. The PCA Club Racing Rules are available here.

There will be six Vintage classes:

  • Four cylinder over and under 2.0L (V4O, V4U),
  • Six cylinder over and under 2.4L (VO, VU), and
  • Six cylinder over and under 3.0L (VGTO, VGTU) high winged and/or aero bodies.

As such, engine displacement is open, but must be air-cooled. Tires are open.

Eligible models: Only 1989 or older air cooled (356, 911, 912, or 914) Porsches.  Year legal 911 tubs (’89 and older) must have period correct body work.  1989 964’s are not eligible.

Drivers of cars with modern bodywork are welcome to apply to compete in the VGTU and VGTO classes.  Those cars will be evaluated by the Vintage Competition Committee.  Send requests (with photos) to Vintage Coordinator Fred Pfeiffer at fpfeiffer@atlanticbb.net. For consideration, these cars at a minimum must have early style front fenders.  The later, laid back headlight style will not be allowed.

Vintage Group entrants will not run for PCA National Points. Accordingly, the normally required Data Collection Plug is waived. (See CR Rules). Membership in PCA is required. All drivers must have a current PCA Competition License. (See CR Rules to see the Qualifications. It is simple to apply.)

New Licensees are advised to have their license paperwork submitted well in advance of an event. ALL licensing questions should be directed to Susan Shire.

As with the regular racing program, PCA Vintage Club Race events register through ClubRegistration.net.

Submit questions to:

Fred Pfeiffer
PCA Club Racing Vintage Coordinator

More Information on Vintage Racing

911 Cup Series

A new series within the series is coming to some tracks near you!  PCA Club Racing is pleased to announce the 911 Cup Series at 6 events in 2019, starting with the Road Atlanta Club Race in April.

More Information on 911 Cup Series

Race Schedule

Check out the full 2019 season schedule.

2019 Race Schedule