February 2020 Interim Rule Changes

Comments noting ambiguities in this announcement, typographical or other errors in the specifications, and problems with changes which may have been overlooked may be addressed to the Rules Committee via the address rules@pcaclubracing.org.  Click on the address link to use your own e-mail client to compose and send the message.  All members of the Rules Committee have access to e-mails sent using that address.

Rule Book

Download your copy of the existing rule book — sans the changes summarized here — for comparison purposes.  Use this link to download a PDF copy of the interim rule changes listed below.


Use the links below to jump directly to specific class changes:

Reference Typo

Car Requirements Applicable to All Cars in All Classes rule 6 has a reference in the first sentence to Safety Rule 17.  The proper reference is to Rule 7.

SP911 Intake Change and Dyno Rule

The SP911 rules are changed to delete the AT Power intake option.  Cars with this intake system in place, with a 2019 PCA CR or a PRC Logbook, will be grandfathered.  The minimum weight for any grandfathered cars with this intake is 2475 lbs.  The intakes in this class are numerous as it is without this high-end system as well.

SP911 drivers are warned that PCA Club Racing Scrutineers may require at track dynamometer testing to ensure compliance with the maximum horsepower specifications found in the Porsche Racing Club’s published SP911 rules.  PCA will try to follow the testing specifications found in those rules, reserves the right to charge the cost of testing to drivers of non-compliant cars, and otherwise reserves the right to apply appropriate penalties.

SP997 New Spec Tire

SP997 now has a different spec dry tire, the Hankook Z214 tire, with the C51 compound:  front: 245/35ZR18, rear: 315/30ZR18.  The 2019 Hoosier spec dry tires may continue to be used until worn out if purchased before the date of this change.

911 CUP Banner Requirement

Cars competing in the 911 CUP must display the official Class sponsor’s windshield banner on the windshield.  Initially, these may be available from the scrutineers at events but can be obtained by sending your address to West Dillard, West.Dillard@pcaclubracing.org

Approved Replacement Parts

The manual steering box for the 964 RS America and the 964 Cup is NLA.  This box may be replaced by the stock C2 power steering box.  Instead of powering the steering from a pump on the engine, an electric/hydraulic system may be installed.

A Note on Chassis Reinforcement

Shops are reporting increasing instances of Stock/Prepared or equivalent classes chassis cracks where suspension or other stresses have fatigued the original sheet metal.  The existing rules allow welding these cracks and adding reinforcing metal.  The rule says it must be sheet metal, but this is to be liberally interpreted, as what is to be avoided is welding in heavy plate as a way of improving the weight balance of the car.  The proviso that added metal cannot attach to roll cage components is deleted.  There is no limit on roll cage members (other than, in most cases, that they be within the driver compartment), nor how and where they attach to the chassis (other than that required members be properly attached and have suitable metal “feet” to spread the forces in case of a rollover or other serious accident).  Seam welding, however, is not allowed in these classes.  If spot welds have failed, new ones or the equivalent can be added in the area of failure