Proposed Rule Changes for 2024

July 15, 2023
PCA Club Racing Rules Committee

Here are the rules change proposal submitted by drivers and other interested parties for which the Rules Committee would like to receive comments.  The listing does not indicate that the Committee favors any of these changes.  These are just proposals for comment.  From time to time, comments received on proposals have helped us avoid mistakes, especially those base on an incorrect understanding of the performance factors involved, help us work rules better, modify proposals, and given us more confidence that changes adopted are likely to be improvements overall.

The wording (or the concept) of the proposed changes is in italics.  What follows for most proposals is an extremely brief statement of why the proponent felt the change would be beneficial.  These may not be entirely accurate but should help the reader understand the reasoning put forth.

Comments may be submitted to through August 15, 2023.  Please note that at this stage entirely new proposals for change are not appropriate.  Those should be submitted between February 1 and June 1, 2024.

PDF copy of the proposed rule changes can be downloaded using this link.

Rule Book

Download your copy of the current rule book — sans the proposed changes summarized here — for comparison purposes.  Download a PDF copy of the 2023 rule changes listed below.


Use these links to jump directly to specific changes:


     Increase the 944 S2 minimum weight by 60 lbs, from 2700 to 2760.

The proponent notes that with optimal tuning the S2 can make within 2% of the horsepower and torque of a similarly tuned 968.  At 2900 lbs, the S2 is 200 points lighter (nearly 7.5%).  60 lbs would equalize this.


Allow any external mirror

Stock rules require exterior mirrors from a Porsche street car.  The proponent would allow RSR-type mirrors, but if a change is to be made, it might be better for 911CUP to allow any make/model of exterior mirror?


981 Weight

Reduce the minimum weight of the manual transmission 981 Caymans by 150 pounds, from 3100 to 2950.

The proponent asserts that the 987.2 Caymans, at 2950 lbs, do low to medium speed corners faster, and pull the 981s on the straights due to lower drag.  Equalizing the weight should equalize the performance.  PDK would still bear the same weight penalty.  The Rules Committee hopes to gather on-track data from the GTB1 Caymans at Road America in September to test these and other assertions.

981 Manual Transmission Gears

Allow the following alternative gears for the 981 manual transmission models:

2nd: 2.250
3rd: 1.632
4th: 1.304
5th: 1.083

These closely match the gearing in the PDK for this model and are shorter than the stock gears.  The proponent suspects (correctly) that the extra 125 pounds of wight for th 981 PDK models was based on the speed of shifting, and not the effect of gearing itself.  He believes that the PDK weight is not enbough to account for this shorter gearing.  He also notes that the 987.2 manual gears are shorter than the 981s, and the factory horsepower advantage for the 981 is only 5-6 horsepower, while the 987.2 is 150 points lighter.  The Rules Committee hopes to gather on-track data at Road America in Sptember to test these and other assertions.


a) Reduce the weight for the 996 GT3 by 100 pounds, from 3192 to 3092
b) Allow the GT3 to run a 996 Cup style wing.

The current weight is based on the previous J Class weight for the model, as is the wing limit, and tires being free are the only changes from stock allowed the GT3 in GTB1.  The assumption was that the weight could be adjusted depending on performance in B1.  The proponent notes a relative lack of performance of the model in GTB1.  Elsewhere, the Stock weight for this model has been reduced by 100 lbs starting in 2023.  In addition, the GT3 wing is smaller and lower than that allowed by the general GTB wing limitations.  The Rules Committee hope to gather on-track data from the GT3 and GTB1 Caymans at Road America in Septermber to test these and other assertions.