Club Racing Rule Changes Adopted for 2024

Date: November 10, 2023
From: PCA Club Racing Rules Committee

The changes summarized below will be made to the Rules, effective for the 2024 season.

Rule Book

The Club Racing Rule Book is being updated for 2024.  Until it has been published, download your copy of the 2023 rule book.  

After receiving comments, the following changes to the PCA Club Racing Rules are adopted for 2024:


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The minimum weight for the 996 GT3 in GTB1 is reduced from 3,192 to 3,142 pounds. Should this prove too generous, it may be adjusted on one month’s notice.


Stock-based 911CUP cars may use external mirrors of any manufacture (i.e., unlike the Letter classes, external mirrors need not be Porsche mirrors).

The stock-based 911CUP maximum peak horsepower limit is deleted. For West Coast BOP testing only, the maximum average horsepower figure is raised to 225 RWHP. The max average HP may be exceeded by no more than 3 hp (to account for dyno variations).


  1. The maximum peak horsepower limit is deleted. The max average HP may be exceeded by no more than 3 hp (to account for dyno variations).
  2. SP911 Special Minimum Weight Allowance for Low Horsepower Cars: There is a special minimum weight allowance for cars with a maximum average RWHP of 220 or below:
  1. The car must complete a dynamometer test in compliance with the procedures outlined in these rules.
  2. The driver must complete and sign the Annual Dynamometer Certification Form and attach the form to the car’s logbook.
  3. The car and driver must repeat steps (i) and (ii) above after any major engine rebuild, or change to induction system, exhaust, or ignition.
  4. The minimum weight for these cars is 2310 lbs.

SP911 note after consideration of comment: The low horsepower figure is the 2018 PRC figure, and will benefit more current SP911 cars than will the lower 215 number from 2019’s PRC rules. The maximum average horsepower numbers are not changed (other than by the 3hp dyno variation rule reinstatement) because they were the numbers last recommended by PRC’s rules leaders at the time of PCA taking over those rules. With the removal of the maximum horsepower number and the addition of the dyno variation rule only one currently racing car exceeds the maximum average for its engine type, and simple tuning can bring that engine into compliance. 


The ME-1 Rules are now believed to be complete but are undergoing final testing in consultation with suppliers. When that is done there will be a notice sent indicating that they are final. What is hoped to be the final version can be found here.