The 911 CUP Series is running the full Club Race schedule in 2020!  Drivers will earn race points according to the PCA Club Race rules.

By default, the standings table lists drivers by awarded points; most to least.  The table also starts out with the overall top 30 drivers.  Every column can be sorted by increasing or decreasing values by clicking on the column header.  Additionally, the data can be filtered or searched by using any value in the search box.  For example, to see only drivers of the SPB class, use that as the search text.

911 CUP Standings

(Updated with Road America, Summit Point, and High Plaines results as of 09/23/20)

Martinson, Daniel911CUP135.0NST
White, Mark911CUP112.0CHO
Moses, Dwayne911CUP83.5POT
Polk, Rick911CUP78.0NST
Burke, Andrew911CUP70.0SFL
Corcoran, Bill911CUP62.0NST
Trollinger, Rob911CUP56.0APR
Meissner, Niels911CUP52.0LST
Bresnahan, Scott911CUP42.0POT
Fehres, Carl911CUP38.0LST
Oberti, Philippe911CUP38.0LST
Anderson, Steven911CUP36.5GEM
Parnell, Jeffrey911CUP34.5CHO
Close, Evan911CUP33.0POT
Haas, John911CUP33.0OHV
Basha, Eugen911CUP32.0MNY
Constantineau, Fred911CUP31.0NIA
Thomas-Collignon, Guillaume911CUP31.0LST
Hill, Mark911CUP30.0CHO
Jones, Bob911CUP25.0INT
Ramirez, Ray911CUP24.0LST
Palladino, Tom911CUP23.0NST
Crandall, Duane911CUP20.0NST
Nikic, Jason911CUP18.0
Steingas, Mark911CUP18.0NST
Meissner, Siggi911CUP17.0LST
Giannou, Scott911CUP16.0ACA
Wolfson, Bill911CUP16.0NST
Bailey, Bret911CUP14NST
Pippy, Dennis911CUP13POT
Thomas, Courtney911CUP13LST
Machul, John911CUP10.5GCT
Kennemer, Steve911CUP9HCT
Miller, John911CUP8CHO
Hoover, Brent911CUP7INT
Bong, Russell911CUP0POT
Hosley Jr, Richard*911CUP0
Pray, Franklin911CUP0CTV
Simpson, Clarke*911CUP0POT
Weining, Mark911CUP0