944 Cup Championship Standings

944 Cup is organized into two regional chapters: East and West Coast, each operating their own championship standings with a season-ending runnoff crowning a National Champion each year.

The 944 Cup series includes 3 classes: SP1, SP2, and SP3.

By default, the standings table lists drivers by awarded points; most to least.  The table also starts out with the overall top 30 drivers.  Every column can be sorted by increasing or decreasing values by clicking on the column header.  Additionally, the data can be filtered or searched by using any value in the search box.  For example, to see only drivers of the SP2 class, use that as the search text.

West Coast Region

(Updated with Road America, Summit Point, and High Plains results as of 09/23/20)

Coomes, SteveSP1169.0MAV
Tuety, DaleSP190.0RMT
Chiocco, GregSP168.0GG
Young, PaulSP149.0
Butaud, MitchellSP139.0LST
Lent, JeffreySP136.0HCT
Fenner, MarkSP335.0RMT
Nelson, DavidSP133.0RMT
Crookston, ThomasSP132.0PST
Meyer, TimSP132.0LVS
Walters, MarkSP130.0MOH
Mourey, RichardSP127.0GPL
Pippin, KrisSP124.0KSC
Miller, BillSP119.0MAV
Kingsley, BruceSP117.0HCT
Bergum, RandySP112.0AZ
Heptig, PatSP111.0MAV
Davis, GeneSP110.0RMT
Wiggins, JeffSP10.0MAV

East Coast Region

(Updated with Road America, Summit Point, and High Plains results as of 09/23/20)

Dunne, EdSP3169.0CHO
Coomes, SteveSP1121.0MAV
Hiffman, DennisSP3112.0CHO
Hamman, JimSP367.0CHO
Tuety, DaleSP164.0RMT
Dillon, JoeSP262.0CTV
Collins, GarySP360.0CHO
Leathers, ShaneSP352.0CHO
Linz, SteveSP346.0
Wilson, Robbie*SP238.0
Crookston, ThomasSP132.0PST
Waldron, WillSP331.0
Clark, MattSP330.0NST
Rodenroth, DaveSP230.0FCR
Walters, MarkSP130.0MOH
Winberg, ErikSP329.0MIL
Branthover, RobSP327.0
Bowling, MitchSP327.0CHO
Mann, DavidSP226.0
Helm, Larry*SP126.0CEM
Agena, KenSP325.0
Glueckert, JohnSP325.0CHO
Lee, GreggSP125.0SFL
Mansfield, SethSP322.0
Viau, BobSP320.0NST
Mourey, RichardSP120.0GPL
Nelson, DavidSP120.0RMT
Pruitt, TimSP120.0PST
Rahenkamp, EricSP318.0SFL
Faems, MikeSP317.0YEL
Foulds, JonathanSP317.0SMT
Winberg, JasonSP313.0MIL
Baker, NewsomSP311.0SMT
Decastro, DamonSP311.0
Elasky, JamesSP111.0NST
Torgersen, JohnSP110.0CEM
Kane, HenrySP39.0
Reilich, RickSP39.0OHV
Kujundzic, TvrtkoSP38.0CHO
Mattran Jr, DonSP37.0CHS
Poeltl, KarlSP37.0SMT
Weber, MarkSP37.0MIL
Wilson, StevenSP37.0
Turek, GregSP30.0CHO