944 Cup Championship Standings

944 Cup is organized into two regional chapters: East and West Coast, each operating their own championship standings with a season-ending runnoff crowning a National Champion each year.

The 944 Cup series includes 3 classes: SP1, SP2, and SP3.

By default, the standings table lists drivers by awarded points; most to least.  The table also starts out with the overall top 10 drivers.  Every column can be sorted by increasing or decreasing values by clicking on the column header.  Additionally, the data can be filtered or searched by using any value in the search box.  For example, to see only drivers of the SP2 class, use that as the search text.

West Coast Region

(Unofficial standings as of 10/21/20, updated with Eagles Canyon Club Race)

Chiocco, GregSP1126GG
Coomes, SteveSP1106MAV
Butaud, MitchellSP1101LST
Lent, JeffreySP182HCT
Pippin, KrisSP167KSC
Wiggins, JeffSP154MAV
Miller, BillSP153MAV
Nelson, DavidSP151RMT
Ayala, JoseSP150LST
Heptig, PatSP147MAV
Young, PaulSP146SDO
Tuety, DaleSP136RMT
Fenner, MarkSP335RMT
Imwold, ToddSP134MAV
Meyer, TimSP132LVS
Kingsley, BruceSP128HCT
Hutmacher, GregSP126MAV
Boulas, JaySP125MAV
Crookston, ThomasSP123PST
Poor, JohnSP122GCT
Virden, RyanSP118HCT
Elasky, JamesSP116NST
Walters, MarkSP115MOH
Bergum, RandySP112AZ
Mourey, RichardSP112GPL
Virden, StacieSP112HCT
Davis, GeneSP110RMT
Sanders, ThomasSP19LST
Frahm, ChuckSP17MAV
Bowling, MitchSP30CHO
Collins, BrandonSP30CHO
Collins, GarySP30CHO
Decastro, DamonSP30NNJ
Dillon, JoeSP20CTV
Dunne, EdSP30CHO
Faems, MikeSP30YEL
Foulds, JonathanSP30SMT
Hiffman, DennisSP30CHO
Leathers, Shane*SP30CHO
Pawlan, BillSP30CHO
Reiter, CharlieSP30CHO
Reiter, ChuckSP30CHO
Rojik, GregSP30PST
Turek, GregSP30CHO
Varwig, DavidSP30CHO
Walsdorf, MikeSP30CHO
Winberg, ErikSP30MIL
Winberg, JasonSP30MIL

East Coast Region

(Unofficial standings as of 10/21/20)

Dunne, EdSP3258CHO
Hiffman, DennisSP3189CHO
Collins, GarySP3149CHO
Hamman, JimSP3108CHO
Dillon, JoeSP297CTV
Leathers, Shane*SP391CHO
Winberg, ErikSP390MIL
Coomes, SteveSP180MAV
Bowling, MitchSP374CHO
Pruitt, TimSP168PST
Wilson, RobbieSP267POT
Tuety, DaleSP164RMT
Branthover, RobSP356NNJ
Collins, BrandonSP356CHO
Pawlan, BillSP356CHO
Hamman, StephenSP355CHO
Faems, MikeSP349YEL
Linz, SteveSP345NNJ
Crookston, ThomasSP140PST
Walters, MarkSP140MOH
Helm, Larry*SP138CEM
Winberg, JasonSP338MIL
Varwig, DavidSP334CHO
Foulds, JonathanSP333SMT
Agena, KenSP331SCH
Mann, DavidSP231CHS
Clark, MattSP330NST
Decastro, DamonSP330NNJ
Rodenroth, DaveSP230FCR
Taylor, JohnSP130PST
Perkins, JohnSP129CAR
Rahenkamp, EricSP326SFL
Glueckert, JohnSP325CHO
Lee, GreggSP125SFL
Lipple, CliftonSP225PST
Walsdorf, MikeSP324CHO
Mansfield, SethSP322
Reiter, ChuckSP322CHO
Waldron, WillSP321
Mourey, RichardSP120GPL
Nelson, DavidSP120RMT
Viau, BobSP320NST
Rojik, GregSP319PST
Torgersen, JohnSP119CEM
Turek, GregSP318CHO
Kelly, MikeSP117FST
Pienaar, TamznSP117CAR
Wilson, StevenSP317POT
Kane, HenrySP316NNJ
Mattran Jr, DonSP316POT
Reiter, CharlieSP316CHO
Paton, JohnSP315NNJ
Randolph, SteveSP215POT
Baker, NewsomSP311SMT
Elasky, JamesSP111NST
Watson, BrianSP210CNY
Reilich, RickSP39OHV
Kujundzic, TvrtkoSP38CHO
Poeltl, KarlSP37SMT
Weber, MarkSP37MIL
Muller, JeffreySP30SCH
Vasina, StephenSP20CNY