Standings – West Coast Series

The West Coast Series follows the PCA National championship series rules, with the exception that awards will be determined by the totals of the best 8 championship races from the West Coast Events. Each West Coast Event will have 2 championship races. Ties for the first three positions will be broken by the highest total in the 9th race, then the 10th race, etc… Event points will only be awarded for WCS events in determining series points, but otherwise will follow the National Club Racing rules.

By default, the standings table lists drivers by awarded points; most to least.  The table also starts out with the overall top 30 drivers.  Every column can be sorted by increasing or decreasing values by clicking on the column header.  Additionally, the data can be filtered or searched by using any value in the search box.  For example, to see only drivers of the SPB class, use that as the search text.

West Coast Series Standings

(Updated with Laguna results as of 09/11/20)

Murillo, RobertSP911161.0GG
Smith, MarkSPB139.0GG
Neel, SeanSP911120.0GPX
Spencer, HeathSPB114.0GG
Schmidt, RolandGTA2104.0SDO
Simpkinson, AndySP911103.0SVR
Smith, TimSPB102.0GG
Stad, AlainGTD2101.0SDO
Steele, AlexGT3100.0GG
Sussman, JanGT492.0LA
Georgeson, PaulSP91187.0SNV
Powell, Frank*GT485.0SDO
Chiocco, GregSP168.0GG
Crickenberger, JustinSPB64.0AR
Isaacson, TrygveSPB63.0GG
Holmes, KarenSP91150.0SVR
Aspesi, DanGTA149.0LA
Young, PaulSP149.0SDO
French, RichardGTD247.0PNW
Czajkowski, PeterGT445.0SDO
Bellomo, ChrisGTA345.0GG
Bacon, Ned*SP91142.0SNV
Kolstad, CharlesSPB41.0GG
Lynch, BrianSP91137.0GG
Mcknight, KellySPB36.0GG
Aspesi, DanGTC335.0LA
Higgins, DavidSP91134.0SVR
Alpan, David*SPB34.0LA
Pedersen, ChrisGTA133.0SDO
Ball, JohnGTA233.0SDO
Wilt, AllenGT431.0GG
Krause, CharlesSPB30.0GG
Van Noy, BryanSPB30.0SDO
Van Gelder, SeanSP91128.0SVR
Lowrance, BrianGT327.0GG
Asseo, StephanSPB27.0CCC
Mueller, Tom*GTA325.0GPX
Boschert, MarkSPB23.0INT
Forrest, AndrewSPB23.0GG
Nilsen, WalterGT319.0GG
Ramsey, WilliamSP91119.0SNV
Soonawala, BehramSP91113.0GG
Tsang, MichaelSPB12.0GG
Murray, ChrisGT30.0GG
Mueller, Bob*GT40.0SDO