Transponder Update

There is some confusion regarding PCA Timing & Scoring support for the MyLaps (AMB) transponder.  Here is some information along with some helpful links to offsite resources.

Bottom line … both the old and new transponders are compatible with PCA Timing & Scoring.

Rechargeable Transponder

TranX 260 Transponder

The classic AMB/MyLaps TranX260 transponders you’ve been using for years will continue to work with the current PCA timing equipment; both the direct powered and the rechargeable version.

You won’t need to upgrade to the latest MyLaps transponder unless yours isn’t working or T&S consistently has issues catching you passing over a timing loop. Be sure to check session result sheets for announcements regarding transponder issues, car numbers, etc.

These classic transponders can still be obtained in the used marketplace, but tend to get snapped up in a hurry.  Look at eBay or do a Google search using the keywords “tranx 260 for sale”.

Here are some transponder pointers from T&S:

Direct powered transponders should be powered on for a period of time before they are actually scored.  Some of the older units take a few laps to generate a decent signal power. Keep in mind that stronger transponder signals will be caught by the timing loops a fraction of a second sooner than a weaker signal.

Rechargeable (battery) transponders should be checked prior to the day’s races and again at the end of the day to make sure you have enough charge to last through the next day’s sessions.  The LED indicator will blink how many days of life remain on the battery charge:

  • Flashing X times green … means there are X days left before the battery charge has depleted
  • Flashing red (not in the charger) … less than 1 day of function left
  • Continuous red … charging is required, could stop working at any time
  • No light … fully discharged

Direct Power Transponder

X2 RaceKey & Transponder

MyLaps X2 Transponder

PCA timing equipment supports the new generation TR2 and X2 transponder which replaces the TranX260 (classic) version. This transponder requires a subscription of 1, 2, or 5 years which needs to be renewed when the subscription expires.  As with the classic transponder, the TR2 is a rechargeable transponder that can be moved between vehicles.  The X2 transponder is permanently installed on the vehicle, powered directly by the battery.

Drivers need to have activated the TR2 or X2 transponder and subscription prior to the event.  MyLaps support staff can help with ad hoc activation at the track, but if you have the X2 transponder they require the X2 RaceKey in order to enable the transponder.

NOTE … PCA Timing & Scoring is unable to assist with transponder activation at the event.

Additional information from MyLaps Speedhive and to place an order for transponders or accessories can be found here.

TR2 Transponder