West Coast Series


What is the West Coast Series?

The West Coast Series is a PCA club racing points competition comprised of the all the PCA club races that occur on the west coast of the USA. Historically, club racing in the PCA has been most popular on the east coast, and this series was created (starting with the 2014 season) to encourage west coast club members to take up club racing by providing them with the increased competition and sense of camaraderie that comes with having one’s own competitive series. All PCA club racers are eligible to participate and all entrants to the above-listed events are automatically entered into the series.

WCS Rules

The West Coast Series will follow the national championship series rules, with the exception that awards will be determined by the totals of the best 15 championship races from the West Coast Events listed below. Each West Coast Event will have 3 championship races. Ties for the first three positions will be broken by the highest total in the 9th race, then the 10th race, etc… You may review the rules on the Club Racing website.

More Info

Email Suesan Way Carter, West Coast Series Coordinator, at: wcs@pcaclubracing.org

West Coast Series Schedule

Mar 28 - 29ButtonwillowRegister
Apr 25 - 26Thunderhill RacewayOpens 03/09
Apr 25 - 26Auto Club SpeedwayOpens 03/09
May 22 -24Laguna Seca
Opens 04/06
Jun 06 - 07Utah Motorsports Campus
Aug 29 - 30Sonoma Raceway
Sep 19 - 20High Plains Raceway
Sep 26 - 27Thunderhill Raceway
Oct 10 - 11Sonoma Raceway

West Coast Series Standings

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