MCS Spec Boxster System

The part number for the MCS Spec Boxster system is “SET-1WNR-SPB-01” and includes all necessary components for an easy upgrade from the Bilstein PSS9 package. For new car builds, racers will need to source a spring package from Tarett Engineering which includes tender springs, main springs, spring spacers, and spring thrust sheets. The part number for Tarett Engineering’s spring package is “SPBSK”.

Here are the costs for these part numbers:

  • SET-1WNR-SPB-01 ($2,650)
  • SPBSK ($875)

The MCS SPB system is available for purchase through MCS’ trusted & knowledgeable dealer network, including Tarett Engineering whom will have the systems in stock on the West Coast, with MCS stocking on the east coast. Competitors will work with MCS directly for service, repair, and inspections.

Service, rebuilds, and repairs will be performed in-house at MCS HQ, in the same facility in which the dampers are manufactured. MCS will guarantee turn-around on service work in at maximum 7 business days, but realistically it’s 4-5 days turn-around time for full set service, and individual/pairs & repairs even faster. A full service on a single damper will be $245, making the cost for a full set of four $980 before shipping. In the event a competitor sends their damper in for a repair and MCS deems it a “total loss”, individual dampers are $662.50 each and are unisex left to right. This will also help those who would like to carry spares.

MCS will produce an installation guide in collaboration with Tarett Engineering and John Gladwill, making it very easy for those working on their own cars.

Front Damper Dyno

Rear Damper Dyno