Vintage Racing Series

Vintage Racing

PCA Vintage was introduced at the Potomac Region Silver Anniversary Club Race in 2016.  From that start we evolved to four races in 2017.   There will be 3 Vintage races in 2021.  

We offer a new environment for you to start racing your vintage car again or if you have been racing in the usual PCA classes, a place to run with similarly prepared cars instead of against 400+ HP cars.

Events hosting Vintage Group sessions have a dedicated run group where your car will spend all weekend on track in sessions with ONLY other Vintage cars. You will practice, qualify and race Sprint races with only ‘89 and older cars.

Most events are three-day weekends with practice and practice starts on Friday. Race school for rookie and Novice drivers is also on Friday.  Saturday typically has qualifying and two 30-minute Sprint Races. And Sunday will have one additional Sprint race (sometimes two).  Vintage Group does not compete in Enduros.

2021 Vintage Schedule

With Federal and State directives pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club Racing schedule is very fluid and subject to change on a day-to-day basis.  The racing schedule shown below will be frequently updated with the latest official status of each of our races.

Apr 23-24Lime RockResults
Jun 18-20VIRResults
Sep 17-19Summit PointRegister

2021 Vintage Group Rules

(From the PCA Club Racing Rule book.  Download a copy of Appendix M for reference.)

At selected Club Races there may be a Vintage Run Group for eligible cars.  Drivers must have a PCA Competition License obtained under the normal Club Racing rules.  Cars must have, or acquire at their first event, a regular PCA logbook, which must include the two annual compliance forms.  All the applicable safety rules for driver and car equipment apply.  All the rules for on-track conduct, including the 13/13 rule, apply.

Eligible models:  only 1989 or older air-cooled (356, 911, 912, or 914) Porsches.  Year legal 911 tubs (’89 and older) must have period-correct bodywork.  1989 964’s are not eligible.

Drivers of cars with modern bodywork are welcome to apply to compete in the VGTU and VGTO classes.  Those cars will be evaluated by the Vintage Competition Committee.  Send requests (with photos) to Vintage Coordinator Fred Pfeiffer at  For consideration, these cars at a minimum must have early style front fenders.  The later, laid back headlight style will not be allowed.

  1. Classes:  Based on actual displacement.  Displacements listed are hard limits. (I.E. 2.0L is an engine that is 2,000 ccs)

V4U for four-cylinder under 2.0L (1,999 ccs)
V4O for four-cylinder over 2.0L (2,000 ccs)

VU for six-cylinder under 2.4L (2,399 ccs max)
VO for six-cylinder over 2.4L (2,400 ccs) to under 3.2L (3,199 ccs max)

VGTU for high winged and or aero bodied (Sheridan, AIR body kits) cars under 3.0L (2,999 ccs max)
VGTO for high winged and or aero bodied (Sheridan, AIR body kits) cars over 3.0L (3,000 ccs) as well as all cars with an engine displacement of 3.2L (3,200 ccs) and higher.

All turbocharged cars will run in VGTO.

  1. Performance:  Air cooled engine displacement is open, subject to the six class criteria.  Cars must, at a minimum, be eligible to run in PCA Club Racing.
  2. Tires are free.
  3. Practice and Sprint Run Groups:  The Vintage Group will run in separate, Vintage only, sessions.  Races will be 30 minutes or less.  
  4. National Championship points are not available for Vintage Group races.

Vintage Points System

Points are for awarding trophies.  There will not be a season-long points championship in 2021.  Trophies will be awarded by PCA Club Racing at all four Vintage races.

Trophies will be awarded based on entries, as follows:

  • Points will be totaled for the three Vintage Sprint Races or the total number if more or less than three.  We want to encourage participation in all races.
  • All podium finishers will be awarded trophies based on total point for the races.

This is the minimum standard, per event.  The Vintage Group Committee may, at their discretion, see fit to award additional trophies.

Points earned are summarized in the table.  All cars that start a race receive 2 points.  A car must go past the starter on the track to be considered a starter.  All drivers taking the checker and finishing position 7 or higher will receive 1 point.


For example; a driver finishes first in all three races and earns 36 points (the maximum).  Another driver finishes tenth, ninth, and eighth and receives 9 points (the minimum).

Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question about classing or other rules pertaining to Vintage Racing?  Feel free to contact the Vintage Coordinator, Fred Pfeiffer, by sending an eMail using or calling him at 301.707.9472.

Thanks for racing with PCA Club Racing and Vintage Group!