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911 CUP Klassische Meisterschaft

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2019 911 CUP Klassische Meisterschaft

The 2019 Porsche Club of America 911 CUP Klassische Meisterschaft (Classic Championship) will include several changes to further distinguish the series from the “Stock E” 911 Class of PCA Club Racing. The 911 CUP Classic Championship will embrace the age of these classic 911s in an effort to reduce wear and run costs.

The series invites all 911s currently eligible for “Stock E”.

This year the series is modifying the weight restrictions and specifying a Hoosier spec tire.  Removing some weight and a bit of grip while adding controlled slip angle will result in a fast, competitive and run package that uses less resources while running lap times similar to the Hoosier R7.


The 2020 racing schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.


To enter, you must declare 911 CUP as your class and display the 911 CUP windscreen banner and any contingency sponsor decals.

All entrants must run on the Hoosier Street TD tire.

You are allowed to remove 150 pounds of ballast. 

The new 911 CUP class spec is effective immediately and windscreen banners will be available at Sebring. Sebring is NOT a points race in the Championship, thus it is a great opportunity for those who may be interested in testing the new spec. Some of the racers who ran the Hoosier Street TD last year have offered to share setup data to help expedite the transition to the new tire.

Tire Contingency Program

The PCA Club Racing 2019 Hoosier Tire contingency program is available to any competitor that declares 911CUP as their class.  

Tire Spec

 SizeCatalog Number
FRONT23 x 7.5 - 1544562HOTD R
REAR24 x 8.5 - 1544564HOTD R

Read David Murry’s comments about the change to the Hoosier bias ply tire. 


The “Classic Championship” features separate podium ceremonies and entrants will be provided personalized 911CUP branded apparel. In addition, Hoosier Tire contingency is available to any competitor that declares 911CUP as their class.

During the second podium ceremony at each Classic Championship weekend, one of these unique trophies will be presented to an entrant NOT in the top 3.

  • Vic Elford trophy @ Road Atlanta
  • Hans Joachim Stuck trophy @ Lime Rock
  • Bobby Rahal trophy @ Mid-Ohio
  • Jochen Mass trophy @ VIR
  • Mark Donahue trophy @ Road America
  • Hurley Haywood trophy @ Daytona

911 Cup Standings

Points standings are determined from the best 4 out of 5 event totals.

DriverSeason Points
Mark White215
Siggi Meissner132
Steven Anderson111
Niels Meissner107.5
Andrew Burke101
Daniel Martinson96
Matthew Goetzinger87
Bob Danko49
David Stevoff42
John Machul40
Pat Heptig17
A Carbonell9.5
E Gaucher0