Club Racing eSignatures for Event Registration

A guide to enabling and using electronic signatures for event waivers


A direct result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic environment that requires as hands-off approach to staff and participant interaction and maintain social distancing requirements at events, has enabled the ability to sign waivers electronically.  This provides PCA Club Racing and participants a contactless means to register for an event and pre-sign waivers and avoid long lines at the front-gate and registration table.

How it Works

The process of enabling and using e-Signatures requires some interaction with your account. Once enabled, you’ll have the ability to sign documents required to be reviewed and signed for each individual event. This does require a computer or some type of smart device such as a phone or tablet to work.  If you don’t have electronic access, you will be required to sign paper copies at event registration.


Log into (link) and perform the following steps to enable e-Signatures for your account:

  1. From the navigation bar click on My Account and from the sub-menu click on Edit Profile
  2. In the left column listing of account attributes, click on e-Signature.  This will take you to the eSignature section of your profile.
  3. To enable e-Signature, click on the top radio-button to indicate that you have read the disclosure statement and agree to the use of electronic signatures on
  4. Click on the Update button to complete the e-Signature signup.

Using the eSignature

Log into (link) where you are presented with your dashboard of registered events. (You can always find your dashboard under My Account->Dashboard.) For each event you will find an eSignatures area that displays one or more Request buttons. Each will be tagged with a description of the document that needs to be signed.   The process of electronically signing a document is a multi-step one:
  1. For the document to be signed, click on the Request button.  This will email a link to the event document that requires your signature.
  2. Look for a message with the subject ClubReg: eSignature Request.  Open that message and click on the link of the document title to open a window using your preferred browser.
  3. Read through the document content and, if you agree to its contents, click on the Continue to Sign button at the bottom to be presented with a signature box.
  4. Your name should be prepopulated above the signature box.  If not, enter your first and last name in the respective boxes.  Enter your signature in the larger box and click on Submit Signature to complete the process.  If you need to re-enter your signature, click on the Clear Signature button and enter it again.